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  • Mayflower Mill ~ $154,000 Grant Award


  • Currently, the SJCHS has completed the final phase of rehabilitation on the Historic 1902 Jail. The combined total for all phases of this project is approximately $626,000.
  • The Society put new roofs on the Old 100 Boarding House and tram house for a total of nearly $200,000. Helicopters were used to transport supplies and materials to the site because there are no roads to it.
  • The second phase of the Mill is wrapped up with the exterior of the assay office being finished. So far, in total, approximately $450,000 has been spent of Mill projects, including the tram house and crushing plant.
  • The Society also completed the rebuilding of railroad track and improvements to our Engine House for a total of $180,000.
  • The Society completed a full rehabilitation of our Historic Powerhouse structure, which totaled $200,000.
  • The Society also completed an $800,000 business park development one mile north of Silverton.
  • The Society currently has a grant of $20,000 from Colorado Water Resources & Power Development Authority and $70,000 from the State Historical Fund to install a hydro-electric plant at the Mayflower Mill.
  • The construction of the new Mining Museum annex, which includes the adaptive re-use of the Caledonia Boarding House, totaled approximately $1.1 million dollars.
  • Coloradoans are lucky to have a fund called the State Historical Fund. It is funded with gambling money. It sets aside monies for competitive grants for preservation in Colorado. The Society has been the recipient of many grants from this fund.


  • The SJCHS was the recipient of a National Preservation Honor Award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1996 for its work on the restoration of the Silverton Town Hall.
  • Stephen H. Hart Award for the Animas Forks Stabilization Project.
  • Award from Colorado Preservation, Inc. for the Archive Building.
  • The Society also received a National Preservation Honor Award in September, 2005, for general excellence in the field of preservation.
  • In 2009, the Society received a Stephen H. Hart Award for its HAER and HSA documentation of the National Historic Landmark Shenandoah-Dives Mill (Mayflower Mill).


The SJCHS's Educational Programs include tours of the Mayflower (Shenandoah-Dives) Mill (a summer program series), grade school programs, lecture tours and seminars, historic walking tours, a speaker's bureau, and a cemetery study, maintenance, and marker program.

We also offer discounts for school groups that wish to visit the Mining Heritage Museum.

SJCHS is planning some new and exciting history programs for our summer seasons.